• PSSI has prepared the Indonesian national team for the U-20 World Cup

    PSSI has prepared the Indonesian national team for the U-20 World Cup

     President Joko Widodo asked the All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) to immediately prepare an Indonesian national team squad that will perform at the U-20 World Cup in 2021.

    That was immediately responded.

    PSSI general Chairman Mochamad Iriawan said that the Indonesian National Team U-19 and the players who were members of the Garuda Select program were the forerunners of the team that Jokowi hoped for.

     In fact, PSSI has prepared 12 trial agenda for the Indonesian national team that will appear at the U-20 World Cup.  His opponent was not arbitrary.

    "With countries that have categories with high FIFA values, with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkistan and others," said the man who is familiarly called Iwan Bule, Medcom.

    PSSI, continued Iwan Bule, is ready to carry out Jokowi's direction which was delivered at a meeting at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Monday (16/12).

    At that time, Jokowi asked Indonesia not only to have a successful implementation, but also to be able to achieve achievements in the field.

    On this basis President Jokowi asked PSSI to immediately prepare the team from now on.

    The hope the team was solid and ready in the face of the U-20 World Cup.

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