• Natural Remedies for Child's Stomach ache

    Stomach pain that occurs in children, it should not be underestimated. Because it could be the beginning of a more serious illness.

    In addition, when a child has an upset stomach, parents must make sure what the pain is caused by.

    Is it just because of a cold, diarrhea, ulcer, or because of food poisoning.

    There are many causes of abdominal pain in children, therefore parents must be pro-active in finding out the cause.

    Treating Child's Stomach Pain Naturally

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    If an upset stomach is caused by ordinary things, such as gastritis and diarrhea, it can actually be overcome with some natural ingredients that can be made at home.

    But if the child has an upset stomach due to food poisoning, then the child should be immediately taken to the doctor, to get help.

    The way to deal with a child's stomach ache naturally, is to use some natural ingredients, such as.

    1. Compress with warm water

    When the child has an upset stomach, it is better to give kompers using warm water on the stomach.

    Warm water can soothe the muscles in the stomach, which cramp and cause pain.

    Warm water can also relax and provide comfort to the child's stomach.

    2. Ginger

    Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce swelling. The warmth produced by ginger can also provide comfort for a sick stomach or cramps.

    How to treat a child's stomach pain using ginger, is to make tea mixed with ginger, then drink it to the child.

    3. Pappermint Tea

    Pappermint leaves are known to have warm properties, and can provide relaxation. The warm sensation produced by tea by pappermint leaves can help calm the stomach muscles.

    Therefore, Pappermint tea can be a natural obat sakit perut anak.

    Thus some natural ingredients, which can be a cure for stomach aches that are natural and safe.

    In addition to children, these ingredients can also be a stomachache medicine for adults.

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