• Korean drama lovers must be impatient, waiting for the release of a number of the latest Korean drama titles in 2020.

    Because a number of drama titles have been prepared by a number of production houses in South Korea.

    Korean drama is much different from Indonesian sinteron, which airs every day and its episodes can reach hundreds to thousands of episodes.

    Korean drama is usually only present in episodes that are not too many, ranging from dozens to 3 dozens of episodes.

    Latest Korean Drama Title 2020

    drama korea terbaru dr romantic

    In 2020 there have been several Korean drama titles that aired. The genre of each drama is different, there is a romantic genre, mystery, or action.

    For all of you Korean drama lovers, here are some of the latest Korean drama titles in 2020, which have a good storyline.

    Dr. Romantic 2

    Dr. Romantic 2 is a sequel to the Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.

    This drama still tells the same story, the struggle of the surgeon who led and developed a small remote hospital, called Doldam Hospital.

    This drama raises the atmosphere of life in the medical world, which of course is given a spice of romance that makes a feeling.

    Crash Landing On You

    This drama tells the story of a well-known South Korean woman Yoon Se Ri, who fell in North Korea while playing paragliding.

    He also threatened arrest and punishment by the North Korean government, because it was considered to violate territorial boundaries.

    But one of the North Korean military officers named Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, tried to help and hide Yoon Se Ri from the pursuit of the North Korean military.

    Then the two fell in love, but Yoon Se Ri had to return to South Korea for her safety.

    Money Game

    For those of you who are happy with a serious drama story, then Money Game can be your choice.

    This drama tells the story of bankruptcy that threatens South Korean state-owned banks.

    The main characters in this drama try their best to prevent that from happening.

    Because if that happens, then Korores will suffer in the Economic Crisis, as they had experienced in 1997 ago.

    Those are some of the drama korea terbaru 2020 titles that have been awaited by Korean drama lovers around the world.

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  • Stomach pain that occurs in children, it should not be underestimated. Because it could be the beginning of a more serious illness.

    In addition, when a child has an upset stomach, parents must make sure what the pain is caused by.

    Is it just because of a cold, diarrhea, ulcer, or because of food poisoning.

    There are many causes of abdominal pain in children, therefore parents must be pro-active in finding out the cause.

    Treating Child's Stomach Pain Naturally

    obat sakit perut anak

    If an upset stomach is caused by ordinary things, such as gastritis and diarrhea, it can actually be overcome with some natural ingredients that can be made at home.

    But if the child has an upset stomach due to food poisoning, then the child should be immediately taken to the doctor, to get help.

    The way to deal with a child's stomach ache naturally, is to use some natural ingredients, such as.

    1. Compress with warm water

    When the child has an upset stomach, it is better to give kompers using warm water on the stomach.

    Warm water can soothe the muscles in the stomach, which cramp and cause pain.

    Warm water can also relax and provide comfort to the child's stomach.

    2. Ginger

    Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce swelling. The warmth produced by ginger can also provide comfort for a sick stomach or cramps.

    How to treat a child's stomach pain using ginger, is to make tea mixed with ginger, then drink it to the child.

    3. Pappermint Tea

    Pappermint leaves are known to have warm properties, and can provide relaxation. The warm sensation produced by tea by pappermint leaves can help calm the stomach muscles.

    Therefore, Pappermint tea can be a natural obat sakit perut anak.

    Thus some natural ingredients, which can be a cure for stomach aches that are natural and safe.

    In addition to children, these ingredients can also be a stomachache medicine for adults.

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  • Films with the romantic genre are quite well-liked by the public.

    Quite often romance films often make viewers baper (carry feelings).

    The reason the audience likes watching romantic movies is that there are many romantic and touching scenes, so the audience gets carried away.

    Each country has their own romantic film titles, be it western or Asian countries.

    Latest Romantic Western Films

    film barat romantis

    Romantic western films become one that is pretty much in demand. Because in addition to a good romance story, in romantic western films often also found hot scenes.

    Many romantic western movie titles have and will be shown in theaters.

    Even some time ago there have been several western film titles with the romantic genre, which managed to grab the attention of many viewers, including:

    1. Love at Second Sight

    The first romantic western film is Love At Second Sight. This film tells the story of Raphael (Francois Civil) first meeting Olivia (Josephine Japy) in high school

    The couple later married, and after 10 years of marriage, the two were involved in a heated argument.

    One time Raphael experienced a strange thing after the fight.

    When he awoke from his sleep, it turns out he was in a different life as an unmarried high school teacher.

    Strangely, in that life there was no Olivia who was his wife.

    2. Last Christmas

    The next film is Last Christmas, which tells the story of a woman named Kate (Emilia Clarke), who makes bad decisions in her life.

    His last date was disastrous.

    Kate works as a saint in a Department Store.

    There she met Tom (Henry Golding), who later changed his life.

    3. Five Feet Apart

    The next romantic film barat titled Five Feet Apart.

    This film tells the romantic story of two lovebirds Will Newman and Stella Grant.

    The two of them first met at the hospital, and they both suffered from a rare disease.

    Over time, the two fell in love with each other, and their feelings grew stronger and stronger.

    Those are some romantic western movie titles, which can make the audience carried away.

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  • Every human being needs complete nutrition to maintain his health, as well as his body's endurance.

    With adequate nutrition and vitamins, a person's immune system can become stronger, compared to those whose nutrition and nutrients are not met.

    The human body can get complete nutrition by consuming fruits and vegetables. For this reason, we are encouraged to consume 4 healthy 5 perfect foods.

    Food 4 Healthy 5 Perfect

    makanan 4 sehat 5 sempurna

    Perfect 4 healthy 5 food is a term that is used, to meet the nutritional needs in the body. This means that there are 4 food elements that must be consumed by humans, and added to the fifth element as a complement.

    By consuming foods whose nutrition and nutrition are balanced, the nutritional needs of the body will be fulfilled properly.

    The elements of 4 healthy 5 perfect food are as follows.

    1. Staple food

    The first element that must be on the plate is staple food. This food depends on the staple food consumed by each community.

    In Indonesia itself is familiar with several types of staple foods, namely rice, tubers, corn and sago.

    2. Side dishes

    Next that must be presented on a plate when you want to eat is side dishes. This can consist of a variety of foods containing protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, and eggs.

    The human body needs protein, to help build and maintain body tissue.

    3. Vegetables

    Vegetables usually contain lots of vitamins, like vitamins A, C and vitamin D.

    If staple foods and side dishes are available, then the following vegetables must also be available as a source of vitamins and nutrients.


    The human body also needs other vitamins that come from fruits. In addition, it also requires fruits that contain lots and also, in order to help maintain the health of the digestion.


    After consuming 4 healthy foods, one must finally perfect it by drinking milk. Because milk contains protein and calcium which is good for bones.

    If you have followed these makanan 4 sehat 5 sempurna guidelines, then your body will be guaranteed to feel healthy.

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  • Smartfren is a cellular provider that is currently on the rise.

    Smartfren's popularity began to appear, when many advertisements aired everywhere, ranging from television, the internet, to billboards on the roadside.

    As one of the major cellular providers in Indonesia, Smartfren offers various types of internet packages that can be enjoyed by users.

    The internet package offered by Smartfren, consists of several categories of active periods, ranging from daily, weekly to monthly active periods.

    Price List of the Smartfren Package

    Harga Paket Smartfren

    Quota of internet provided by smartfren is quite a lot. Even so, the price of the Smartfren internet package is still relatively cheaper compared to the prices of other large internet provider packages.

    But unfortunately, the large quota offered by Smartfren, must be divided into several categories, namely the main quota which applies 24 hours, night quota and chat quota.

    If you want to know more clearly about prices and the complete Smartfren internet package list, please refer to the following explanation.

    Smartfren Internet Package

    2.5 GB Internet Package (IDR 5,000)

    24 Hours Quota 0.5 GB

    1.5GB Night Quota

    0.5 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 3 Days


    4 GB Internet Package (IDR 10,000)

    24 Hours Quota 1.25 GB

    1.75GB Night Quota

    1 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 7 Days


    6 GB Internet Package (Rp20,000)

    24 Hours Quota 2 GB

    3GB Night Quota

    1 GB Chat Quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    10 GB Internet Package (Rp. 30,000)

    24 Hours Quota 4 GB

    4GB Night Quota

    Chat 2GB quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    16 GB Internet Package (Rp. 40,000)

    24 Hours Quota 6 GB

    8GB Night Quota

    Chat 2GB quota

    Validity Period 30 Days


    30 GB Internet Package (Rp. 60,000)

    24 Hours Quota 10 GB

    20GB Quota Night

    Free Hooq 30 Days

    Validity Period 30 Days


    60 GB Internet Package (Rp 100,000)

    24 Hours Quota 20 GB

    40 GB Night Quota

    Free Hooq and 30 Days Smart Music

    Validity Period 30 Days


    90 GB Internet Package (Rp150,000)

    24 Hours Quota 30 GB

    60 GB Night Quota

    Free Hooq and 30 Days Smart Music

    Validity Period 30 Days


    Those are some of the latest Smartfren internet package packages that apply for this month.

    For those of you who want to know more about the list of other Smartfren packages, please visit the link below.


    Source: Harga Paket Smartfren

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