• 2020 Korean Drama of the Most Awaited

    Korean drama lovers must be impatient, waiting for the release of a number of the latest Korean drama titles in 2020.

    Because a number of drama titles have been prepared by a number of production houses in South Korea.

    Korean drama is much different from Indonesian sinteron, which airs every day and its episodes can reach hundreds to thousands of episodes.

    Korean drama is usually only present in episodes that are not too many, ranging from dozens to 3 dozens of episodes.

    Latest Korean Drama Title 2020

    drama korea terbaru dr romantic

    In 2020 there have been several Korean drama titles that aired. The genre of each drama is different, there is a romantic genre, mystery, or action.

    For all of you Korean drama lovers, here are some of the latest Korean drama titles in 2020, which have a good storyline.

    Dr. Romantic 2

    Dr. Romantic 2 is a sequel to the Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.

    This drama still tells the same story, the struggle of the surgeon who led and developed a small remote hospital, called Doldam Hospital.

    This drama raises the atmosphere of life in the medical world, which of course is given a spice of romance that makes a feeling.

    Crash Landing On You

    This drama tells the story of a well-known South Korean woman Yoon Se Ri, who fell in North Korea while playing paragliding.

    He also threatened arrest and punishment by the North Korean government, because it was considered to violate territorial boundaries.

    But one of the North Korean military officers named Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, tried to help and hide Yoon Se Ri from the pursuit of the North Korean military.

    Then the two fell in love, but Yoon Se Ri had to return to South Korea for her safety.

    Money Game

    For those of you who are happy with a serious drama story, then Money Game can be your choice.

    This drama tells the story of bankruptcy that threatens South Korean state-owned banks.

    The main characters in this drama try their best to prevent that from happening.

    Because if that happens, then Korores will suffer in the Economic Crisis, as they had experienced in 1997 ago.

    Those are some of the drama korea terbaru 2020 titles that have been awaited by Korean drama lovers around the world.

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