• Importance of Healthy 4 Perfect 5 Foods

    Every human being needs complete nutrition to maintain his health, as well as his body's endurance.

    With adequate nutrition and vitamins, a person's immune system can become stronger, compared to those whose nutrition and nutrients are not met.

    The human body can get complete nutrition by consuming fruits and vegetables. For this reason, we are encouraged to consume 4 healthy 5 perfect foods.

    Food 4 Healthy 5 Perfect

    makanan 4 sehat 5 sempurna

    Perfect 4 healthy 5 food is a term that is used, to meet the nutritional needs in the body. This means that there are 4 food elements that must be consumed by humans, and added to the fifth element as a complement.

    By consuming foods whose nutrition and nutrition are balanced, the nutritional needs of the body will be fulfilled properly.

    The elements of 4 healthy 5 perfect food are as follows.

    1. Staple food

    The first element that must be on the plate is staple food. This food depends on the staple food consumed by each community.

    In Indonesia itself is familiar with several types of staple foods, namely rice, tubers, corn and sago.

    2. Side dishes

    Next that must be presented on a plate when you want to eat is side dishes. This can consist of a variety of foods containing protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, and eggs.

    The human body needs protein, to help build and maintain body tissue.

    3. Vegetables

    Vegetables usually contain lots of vitamins, like vitamins A, C and vitamin D.

    If staple foods and side dishes are available, then the following vegetables must also be available as a source of vitamins and nutrients.


    The human body also needs other vitamins that come from fruits. In addition, it also requires fruits that contain lots and also, in order to help maintain the health of the digestion.


    After consuming 4 healthy foods, one must finally perfect it by drinking milk. Because milk contains protein and calcium which is good for bones.

    If you have followed these makanan 4 sehat 5 sempurna guidelines, then your body will be guaranteed to feel healthy.

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